Here at DIY Carbon Bikes we cut out the expensive middlemen. Whereas most bike and component companies will ship from the factory to themselves, then from themselves to a store, THEN ship to you, we ship directly from factory to the consumer. Direct to consumer shipping allows for quality carbon at an affordable price by cutting out the multiple middlemen markups. This means that all of our items ship FREE GLOBALLY. This also means that our items ship Expedited Factory Direct and Expedited Factory Direct Express. Expedited Factory Direct and Express are faster ways to receive orders directly from the people that build them. 

Processing Time: On most items (wheels, rims, frames, components) the items are shipped in 7-15 days. Items that have additional painting, or have a specially designated weave other than UD can take an additional 1-2 weeks to process as they are custom finished to order. Complete bike builds generally take 7-12 days to process parts, then the build process is another 7 days. 

Shipping Time: On most orders we offer two shipping methods. FREE Expedited Standard Shipping (EMS) which typically arrives at your door in 12-20 days* after shipment, and upgraded Express shipping (DHL or FedEx) which typically arrives at your door in 2-6 days.

*Items ordered in late January and early February may be effected by the CNY factory holiday. This can sometimes add 1-3 weeks to processing. 

*A very small minority of EMS shipped items can experience additional inbound customs delays, which has been exasperated by the COVID shipping environment. 90% of items are arriving in the normal time window, whereas a very small percentage can be delayed up to 40 days, and an extremely small amount can be delayed up to 60 days, although this is becoming more and more rare as the COVID shutdowns improve. DHL and FedEx bypass inbound customs and therefore never experiences any additional delays. If your item needs a more guaranteed delivery timeframe, the upgraded DHL/EMS shipment is recommended. 

Full Bike Orders: Full bike orders are processed and shipped via a slightly different process. The bikes are pre assembled for you, with only slight adjustments and reapplication after boxing needed. Generally, first wheels are shipped in a wheel box with wheels, cassette, and rotors. You will generally receive the wheels first. The frame is processed and painted if needed, and assembled, which is a 2-3 week process without paint, and 3-5 weeks with paint. Then the frame-box is sent Expedited DHL and arrives in 2-6 days.

 Open Box Local: DCB also has some NEW open box returns and potentially other items local for fast shipping from Atlanta, Georgia. To see those items see HERE


You may cancel the item before it ships, which is usually in 5-10 days. Once shipped, the item cannot be canceled. Items with speciality weave (non UD) that are painted, built, or assembled, cannot be cancelled or will be subject to build, paint, or restocking fee. 

If you are not happy with an item, you may return the item, although our priority will be to make the situation right for you, where you do not have to start over. If the item somehow does not match what was ordered, we will make it right, or the item can be returned or exchanged and shipped back to DIY Carbon Bikes in the USA for a full refund with no restocking fees. If the item received was correct but the customer wants to return for any other reason, the item can still be returned for up to 15 days if good as new, but these return items may be subject to a restocking fee.  

If an item is in transit it cannot be cancelled because it will arrive and we cannot intercept it. Packages are not being lost, however if in an extremely rare case an item becomes delayed over a period of 90 transit days, a refund can be given before arrival, and the item can be returned or repaid for on arrival. 

We will honor our policy on cancellation and refunds as listed above. Please pursue all cancellations through us and you will receive prompt action in line with our policies.  If there is an issue, It is strongly recommended that you do not initiate disputes with your credit card, bank, or payment provider. When this dispute is initiated, it freezes our ability to refund you, and it enters us into a dispute phase that takes up to 120 days. This can deeply delay the process of your refund, and in rare cases, can cause an issue where the bank does not refund the customer, and we also lose the dispute. Pursuing issues through our policy will create a much faster and reliable process of return and refund.