We ensure that all of our items are of the highest quality. In order to back up that claim, we provide a two year 730 day warranty on all of our carbon products. Failures of our products in any way is extremely rare, but in the rare case that a small crack or something similar develops we will fully replace the item that failed.

If the item is damaged through user error or a crash OR if the item has problems after the warranty has expired, the item can be replaced at factory wholesale cost.

For items that we sell in build kits, that are not our carbon products, the customer will have to apply for warranty directly to the original manufacturer... For example... Shimano, RockShox, Maxxis, etc. 

To apply for a warranty on your DCB Carbon Component please contact below and we will need you to include the following information:

1. A statement of the item you are requesting a warranty for, the date of purchase, and your name on the order.

2. An explanation of what happened, when the issue happened, how you noticed the item had an issue, and what you believe caused the issue.

3. Detailed pictures of the issue, and a picture of the serial number (located on the rim, or on a frame, usually on the bottom. Please send pictures to ty@diycarbonbikes.com)